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Houseplants and Gifts

Visit our Indoor Store across the street at 107 Harding Place or call us at 615-401-9183 for any questions you may have regarding indoor plants and decor! Follow us on Instagram @creeksidenashville107


Phalaenopsis and Exotics

We bring in a selection of phalaenopsis (or moth orchids) and exotic orchids including Lady Slippers, Dancing Lady Orchids, Cattleya Orchids. We carry mini orchids, single stem and double stem orchids.

Succulents and Cacti

Top of the Line

We offer a variety of cacti and succulents for bright sunny rooms indoors. Aloe Vera, Echeveria, Jade, Pilea, Crassula and more. They range in sizes from 2" pots to 12" and 14" pots.


Bird of Paradise, Anthuriums, and more

We carry a variety of tropical plants like bird of paradise, anthuriums, bromeliads,ficus, peace lilys, philodendrons and monsteras.

Hanging Plants and Climbers

Hanging baskets and totems

Our ceiling is lined with hanging plants and climbers like pothos, string of hearts, string of pearls, donkey ears, hoyas, and ivy. 21


We carry baby 2" ferns up to 8" size ferns. Autumn ferns, Lemon Button ferns, Maidenhair ferns, Austral Gem ferns, Rabbit foot ferns, Kangaroo Paw ferns, Bird nest ferns. They range in care from low to bright indirect light.

Fiddle Leaf Figs, Palms, and Indoor Trees

Tall plants that make a statement

Tall, lush plants make an impact indoors. Create your own indoor jungle with these plants and trees. We carry fiddle leaf figs, rhapis palms, majesty palms, ficus audrey, dracaenas, kentia palms,schefflera, ponytail palm, and more. If you want us to special order something, just ask!

Locally-made Candles and Gifts

Top of the Line

We carry locally made candles like Ekko and Nashville Chicks. We have plenty of unique gifts for a hostess, birthdays and for that person that has everything. Come in and browse our selection or take a look at our instagram for our newest stock @creeksidenashville. We also carry gift cards as well!

Beautiful Hand-made Pottery and Indoor Containers

Best of the Best

We bring in a variety of indoor planters ranging from modern to rustic and everything in between. Glassware for paperwhites and vases for fresh cut flowers. Beautiful bowls for orchid arrangements to make a statement at your next dinner party.

Live Mood Moss and Sheet Moss

Fresh Harvested Moss

Add mood or sheet moss to your indoor planters for additional texture and to decorate the soil. Create your own decorative moss ball. Sheet moss can be used on the outside of hanging baskets to add a woodsy look to your hanging planters.

Custom Made Arrangements

We specialize in beautiful orchid arrangements filled with moss and willow branches. Bring in your own container or pick one out in the store. We'll pot up anything you want and help you design your arrangement for your unique space.


Air Plants

We sell a variety of sizes of air plants. Easy to maintain and require no soil! Just mist a couple times a week or let them soak for an hour or two once a month. A favorite among children as well!

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