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Outdoor Landscaping

Best selection for both "tried and true" and unique looks for your landscape


Color for spring, summer, and fall

From early spring through fall we carry bedding plants and plants for containers that add a splash of color to your home. Pansies, Violas, Cyclamen, Geraniums, Petunias, Million Bells, Verbena, Dahlias, Chrysanthmums, Ornamental Cabbage and Kale, are just a few of the annuals we carry throughout the year.


Watch them grow year after year

Invest in your garden with perennials. Create a garden that thrives in every season by planting perennials that have different bloom times. Examples of our favorite sun perennials we carry are coneflowers, russian sage, yarrow, delphiniums, and fox gloves.  Shade perennials add wonderful texture and foliage. Hostas, Bleeding hearts, ferns, and brunnera are some of the selection we carry.

Trees and Shrubs

From deciduous trees to evergreens, hydrangeas and azaleas. We carry a large selection of favorites from Monrovia and other vendors like boxwoods, hydrageas, laurels, abelias, azaleas, hollies, magnolias and crape myrtles. Whether your goal is to create a privacy hedge or fill in a garden bed around a pool, we can help point you in the right direction with the plant that will do best for your space and your goals.

Outdoor Planters and Pottery

Top of the Line

We have a large selection of outdoor pottery from reputable vendors such as Campania and Elegant Earth. We carry simple terra cotta pots in a range of sizes in addition to large and elegant front door planters and patio planters.

On our back deck we have a section of pots that are 50% off. Check back often as new pots are put on sale.

Organic Herbs and Veggies

Culinary herbs and organic fruit and veggies

We take pride in our organic herbs and veggies that are a popular item in our Nashville community. We carry Kentucky Colonel mint, lemon thyme, english thyme, basil, cilantro, etc. As for veggies we usually carry lettuces, strawberries, blueberry and raspberry bushes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and citrus trees.


Feed your plants

Make your garden stand out with our premium quality Fertilizers. Our favorite brands our Espoma Organic, Earthmix, Osmocote, and Fox farms. We're fully stocked with a wide selection of products so that your lawn and garden never gets neglected.


Mulch and Soil Conditioners

Top of the Line

We carry mulch by the 2 cubic foot bag: Pine Bark Mini Nuggets, Black Mulch, Hardwood Mulch, Shredded Pine Bark. We have top soil, soil conditioner, compost, and earthworm castings for creating a happy and healthy garden bed. We also carry organic potting soils.

Gardening Tools

Best of the Best

Get the right equipment for your next lawn and garden project. We carry top-quality, durable products that help make your lawn and garden look stunning. Felco pruners, shears, hand tools, and watering tools to make gardening more efficient and easier on your body.

Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides

Green Thumb

Make your garden stand out with our premium quality Fertilizers. We provide the equipment and supplies you need to complete your landscaping work so that you can start enjoying your outdoor haven. We'll help you find the right product to get rid of any pests your garden may face!

Animal Repellents

Top of the Line

Keep deer and rabbits away from your garden - especially those hostas and vegetable gardens! Sprays, granular and concentrates available for any task.


Grass Seed

Best of the Best

We carry Rye and Fescue Grass Seed from Pennington Seed Company.

Custom Designed Planters

Call us to set up a spring, summer, fall or winter design!

We do custom design for your front door planters, outdoor patio centerpieces or for an upcoming event! Either bring in your pots, pick out pots from our wonderful collection or we'll come to you! Just give us a few perimeters on sun/shade, and if you have a preference in colors and we'll create a beautiful design. We deliver locally as well!

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